In Italy, massive protests against quarantine restrictions

Demonstrators took to action in Turin, Naples, Genoa, Cremona, Treviso and even Milan, which faced a large-scale coronavirus wave in the spring.

Italy protested against quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic. It was reported by Ansa on Tuesday, October 27th.

Police fired tear gas on demonstrators, who in turn threw stones and bottles in front of the headquarters of the Lombardy region in Milan. Also, the police dispersed the participants of the unauthorized march on the well-known shopping street of the city, several detainees are reported.

In addition, in Turin, during protests, two shops in the city center were looted by groups of demonstrators. Taxi drivers blocked the central square of Castello, in Cremona, restaurateurs beat dishes in front of the prefecture, and then left them on the ground like a cemetery for dishes, in Treviso thousands of people marched through the city center.

Similar protests took place in Naples and Genoa.

We will remind that earlier in Italy two days in a row recorded records for COVID-19. The day before, more than 19 thousand cases of coronavirus were detected in the country – an absolute record since the beginning of the epidemic in the country.

WHO reports COVID-19 decline

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