‘Masterchef’, Minister Van Quickenborne in prison and Jeroom honoring his late brother: this is Play4’s spring

Rewrite this contentThe premise: the ‘Play’ brand wants to be more than a showcase for content and transcend the classic definition of a ‘channel’. “We want to evolve into an entertainment player,” says program director Annick Bongers. This includes a derivative in the form of events and live experience. The successful James, the musical gets a translation to the Lotto Arena and also the musical Tulips from Antwerpwhich will start soon, could go to the shelves that way. ‘Love tips to myself’. — © GoPlayWith Play South in Antwerp, the group also has its own event location. There are already The table of four in Jan Jaap on Sunday recorded with an audience, but it is also suitable for performances, conferences or other gatherings. Even though VTM, for example, does not shy away from that experience: so thought, for example Love for music already made its way to the Lotto Arena. As for the offer, it remains the same The Table of Four in the broadcasting schedule the pacesetter of the evening. “It took time to find the tone. There was a false start, and then it got a little too much The appointment. In the meantime, we have the right balance and we have already succeeded several times in determining the news”, says Bongers. Gert Verhulst recently got a push from it Play café, the magazine that hapsnap focuses on media and showbiz. “We also want to give that space to grow. It is cheaper to produce because we can use the same shooting crew as The table of fourand at the same time it increases our local offer.”READ ALSO. Was “The Table of Four” racist? Table guest Raf Njotea: “Discussion is allowed, it’s just a pity that the n-word was used so often”CannibalismYet the TV guide no longer dictates what is on, in the living room or outside: the viewer himself selects what he wants, when he wants. “We saw that last season on demand watching has become at least as important. Especially with the slightly younger and more active audience that we have. That is why we have embraced it,” says Bongers. The numbers agree with her: The Verhulstjes of Sunday 8 January started with 487,000 viewers (live + postponed the day itself, ed.) and climbed to just under 988,000 viewers in the following days. The delivery of James, the musical of January 5 went from 397,000 viewers to well over one million. ‘The sky is the limit’. — © Play4Die mind switch helps ensure further investment in online formats for GoPlay, such as the new, witty Love tips to myself, with Gloria Monserez. “They reach an audience that no longer watches linearly,” it sounds. Also the experiment with the first season of Uncles received a positive evaluation: when the first episode was broadcast on Play4, the series was released in its entirety on streaming service Streamz, in which the channel has a leg through parent house Telenet. It turned out not to lead to cannibalism, but rather to reinforce it. Good news for fans of Unclesby the way: the second season will be canned this spring. READ ALSO. ‘Nonkels’ best viewed series of the year on StreamzThe fact that making television is (by necessity) being commemorated also makes a difference Assizes clearly. In a climate in which fiction series are fighting for a place above ground level, it must grab attention with an interactive twist: the viewer decides in a court case on the basis of evidence and pleas about guilt or innocence and votes online. Depending on the result, one of the two pre-recorded episodes with the verdict will be broadcast after a few weeks at the end. “We force ourselves to take risks as well,” concludes Bongers. In 2023 also look forward to:Boris already promises to cut. Cartoonist and TV maker Jeroom goes on a road trip through Canada with Jonas Geirnaert and Bockie De Repper in a motorhome. The goal: to scatter the ashes of Boris, Jeroom’s brother who died of cancer before he could make his dream trip. Humor, sadness and catharsis find each other at the intersection of impressive television. ‘Uncles’. — © Play4In the documentary series Shalom everyone! daily life in the Jewish quarter in Antwerp is portrayed, both on the street and behind the usually closed doors. It is a feat that took journalist Diederik Van den Abeele 2.5 years. Patient Dompi follows Dominique Van Malder around his weight loss surgery, telling both a medical and a psychological story. In the internationally acclaimed format Masterchef amateur chefs compete against each other for the title and in Straight to jail the top of the judiciary, including minister Vincent Van Quickenborne, will be locked up in the new Haren prison for four days to test its operation. With this, the channel wants to “pull the boundaries of the format and start the debate”. Of mole in Blind bought will again be strongholds and some familiar programs will get a twist: The sky is the limit will become a all staredition and in Pieces of people goes one secret dealer bid along. ‘Straight to Jail’. — © Play4
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