Matt Pokora in the angels: this immense happiness shared with his son Isaiah

Mission accomplished for the Lakers. Several months after Kobe Bryant’s death in a tragic plane crash, the Los Angeles basketball team won against the Miami Heat and won the NBA championship title. Something to delight Matt Pokora, an unconditional fan of the team for many years. And it is with family that the singer celebrated this victory, in particular with his son Isaiah.

“Lakers fan of the past and family! We’re back on top of the world!”, he rejoiced, and to add that “this one is for Kobe”. A strong message unveiled in the caption of several pictures of him wearing the Lakers jersey, of his outings with his family to attend the team’s games or of a moment of complicity with his son Isaiah. And not just any cliché, since on the one he unveiled, we see his little boy sporting a body in the colors of the Lakers.

Isaiah future fan of OM? Matt Pokora is working on it!

A new passion that Matt Pokora surely intends to pass on his son Isaiah, he who since the birth of his little boy seems determined to initiate several of his favorite pastimes. If he had taught him some piano notes in an adorable video revealed by Christina Milian, the singer was responsible for his education … side video games! Someone wants to help me because I’m getting really bad Fifa … Too old for that now, it’s time to pass the torch “, he had joked, he who also makes sure that his son is an unconditional fan of Olympique de Marseille. And for this, initiation also involves wearing the team colors.

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