Maturana’s former assistant criticized the Colombian soccer league: “There is no adequate championship”

The coach referred to Pedro Sarmiento’s team. Taken from @barragan.diego

Much has been said about Colombian soccer championship systemconsidering that it is unfair and mediocre because it does not reward the best of the contest, but rather the champion is defined through two groups of four teams and the best of each one qualifies for the final to define the champion.

In several tournaments it has been given that the team that comes in eighth wins the titlewhile the best of all against all falls by the wayside and sees his dream of lifting the champion trophy cut short despite having been the most outstanding in the regular phase.

Unlike other countries in South America and the Old continent, a year in Colombia two championships are played that provide the same number of stars. This structure has not been fully accepted by coaches and players, since it does not lend itself to putting together serious processes and the technicians are more assured of leaving than remaining in their respective clubs.

A vivid reflection of what was said in the previous paragraph is the situation that Deportivo Cali, Deportes Tolima and Atlético Nacionalthat after playing the final or being champions of the League BetPlay Dimayor, have not had enough rest to recover their players, which is why their performance has been reduced in the following championship.

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An authorized voice to talk about coffee football and Atlético Nacional is Diego Barragancoach and physical trainer who for several years accompanied Francisco Maturana on his way through the Tricolor and other Colombian and world soccer teams.

in dialogue for Infobae Colombia, Diego Barragán referred to the current status of the eleventh paisa, and ruled out that the improvement that Nacional has had with Pedro Sarmiento is a change of attitude and, on the contrary, questions the format of the League BetPlay.

“Players or athletes are not machines, like all human beings they need rest, which is fundamental, and unfortunately that does not happen in Colombian soccer. It is not that it only happens to Nacional, it has already happened to other teams such as Deportivo Cali, which is the champion of Colombia and until today it has not been able to get up”.

“What has been happening to us at the international level that has been going on for a long time, we are not protagonists because there really is no proper championship here, I say it this way because this tournament is not for six months, it is for four months (…) no It is the attitude of the players, it is not the attitude of the coaches because we must add that the directors remove the coach, change and sell players for the business and finally they want the team that I arrived to be competitive like the previous one”.

Picture Purslane was crowned champion of the league on June 26 by beating Deportes Tolima at the Manuel Murillo Toro de Ibagué. The King of Cups He only had two weeks off, since on July 10 he began his participation in the second semester against Cortuluá.

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The Paisa squad under the direction of Hernán Darío Herrera has had a hard time finding regularity in the current tournament, so the Muleteer He left his position as coach after the loss in the classic paisa 4-3 against Independiente Medellín on September 4.

The vacancy of Muleteer it was taken over by Pedro Sarmiento, who is on an interim basis at the Antioquia bench and in his two games at the helm of Atlético Nacional he has won the same number of victories, and the team has shown a better version than with its predecessor.


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