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Maurizio Sarri claims he is "lucky" after Chelsea's last win secured the record Premier League start

Maurizio Sarri claimed he was "lucky" to make a record start in Premier League management – and to have Eden Hazard on the bench to save his team.

For 12 nervous seconds in the second half Crystal Palace threatened with an unusual point after Andros Townsend had shown with his fine hit that the Eagles did not necessarily rely on Wilf Zaha.

But Chelsea's multi-million-pound squad lacked dormant Stamford Bridge until the blues boss sent the inspiring hazard.

A minute later, he won a free kick and sent Alvaro Morata with a set-piece goal for the second goal.

Five minutes later, Pedro scored a third place when Sarri Frank Clark unbeaten in 1994 in the Premier League in the first eleven Premier League games. The former coach of Napoli and Empoli overtakes Jose Mourinho's ten undefeated matches at the start of his reign at Chelsea in 2004.

Sarri's team was not at their best against Palace

"I'm very proud to be the coach of this team," he said. "The record does not belong to the coach, but to the team.

"I was lucky, I have very good players, and my players have been able to win in the last two months from a tactical point of view without much organization, and I was lucky, I think."

Lee Trevino always said that the harder he trained, the happier he became. But Sarri still claimed his team had a long way to go behind Manchester City. The first hour showed that the Chelsea team is still working all over the place.

Without a central striker, Palace used the Mobile Wilf Zaha and Townsend, and Max Meyer had two chances to shoot in the opening quarter.

Morata opened the scoring with a clinical conclusion after 32 minutes when Pedro dropped his first flank – and he retreated to come back into the game to shoot home from his compatriot's second flank.

To the goals

Willian had rejected an offensive strike and Morata missed a header, but Chelsea's only goal difference was one goal after 78% of possession in the first half.

Palace paid off after the break when Townsend exchanged passports with James McArthur to get past David Luiz to shoot his first Premier League goal of the season.

Andros Townsend got up

Half-fit hazard came from the bank and immediately made an impression

"We have to improve tactically," said Sarri. "In the first 15 minutes of the second half, we were not compact. In the defensive phase we have to improve. If we can not cover the ball in the opponent's half, we have problems. So we have to improve. "

Wayne Hennessey parried after a header from Luiz before Sarri claimed the cavalry after 64 minutes. Even if he does not get fit after a back injury, Hazard raises his teammates and the entire mass. Without him, Chelsea are not candidates for the Premier League.

"We were a bit in trouble so we needed some quality and staff," Sarri admitted. "We were lucky because we had Eden on the bench. I talked to the doctor yesterday and he said he was better, but I can not play 90 minutes for me. So I asked for the bank and he said I could give it a try. But not more than 30 minutes. We were lucky.

"Immediately, in the first minute, I think he could change our game, but you know Hazard is hazard, he can do that very often."

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