Mauro Pawlowski becomes a permanent member of dEUS again

Five years after his retirement, Mauro Pawlowski is once again the permanent guitarist of dEUS. The band announced this during a concert in Athens.

‘I wondered more and more: is this still something for me?’ With those words, Mauro Pawlowski said goodbye to dEUS in 2016. At that time, the guitarist had completed twelve years of service with the rock band around Tom Barman. Pawlowski started to struggle with touring and wanted to work on his own album. He was waved goodbye with a farewell concert in the Lotto Arena.

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His replacement was Bruno De Groote, a guitarist with roots in blues and jazz. But in 2020 De Groote suffered a stroke and was forced to leave the band. Since then, Pawlowski has been a regular guitarist again, including last weekend at the Dutch festival Best Kept Secret. That interim job is now becoming a permanent position again, Barman announced during a concert in Athens.

This brings the longest running line-up of dEUS – a band that has always been known for its many personnel changes – back together. Besides Barman and Pawlowski, Klaas Janzoons, Alan Gevaert and Stephane Misseghers also play in the band. dEUS also announced a new album for next spring. That will be the first studio album since 2012, and both Pawlowski and De Groote will be heard on it.

In its own country, dEUS will be playing at Live is Live (17/6), Rock Zottegem (9/7) and Rock Herk (16/7) in the coming months.