Max Mutzke and the LJJO: The Black Forest: a Hessian state forest?

Max Mutzke and the State Youth Jazz Orchestra celebrate 75 years of Hesse in the Wiesbaden spa gardens.

You could have guessed it. July 2018 at the Dreieichenhain Castle Festival, for example. At that time, Max Mutzke brought a Hessian institution onto the stage: Henni Nachtsheim and Gerd Knebel, alias the two of “Badesalz”. What the real Hessians and he, who adopted, sang together, namely “Der Äppler und der Handkäs” and “her friend, her name is Grie Soß”, has certainly never been so soulful, with such artistic falsetto and operatic appoggiaturas like Maximilian Nepomuk Mutzke, now 40, fourteen years after his appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul.

So now again, but in the Wiesbaden Kurpark: Post-war Hessen celebrated its 75th Lenze at the Rheingau Music Festival by calling in the great state youth jazz orchestra (LJJO) for the state celebration with Prime Minister Bouffier as a morning fresh cell cure. Who is there, for the well-being and blessing of Hesse, and can be featured? Max Mutzke, of course: with Wolfgang Diefenbach on the baton, if he needed one.

He has emancipated himself

Ten programmed songs and a few encores later, the LJJO’s status as a young talent is assured. After a long Covid Live break, Max Mutzke still has it and was, nomen est omen, probably born with a hat. The talented singer, who can also write songs, has definitely emancipated himself from the early stage of the Stefan Raab creature between Guildo Horn and Lena’s “Satellite”.

It started instrumentally and without Mutzke: with the LJJO signature tune “Kicks and Sticks” and then the buddy-rich number “The Rotten Kid”, which sounded like the sports show and crime leader jazz of the post-war era, the talented young jazzers but already made possible the first solos. Then Mutzke came up with his personal standard “World Behind Glass”, which, like some of his songs, tells of emotional intimacy despite life in public: the first kiss on the beach, croissants and the scent of lavender.

You could use a pick-me-up with a sharp voice like Mutzke in the gray and soon rainy weather. The intimate of the message and the animation continued in the deliberate, bluesy soul title “My Song for You” and Mutzke’s “Our Night”. The matinee next countered the rain, in perfect timing, with the groovy song “Conga!” By Miami Sound Machine: “Come on, shake your body, baby, do the conga, I know you can’t control yourself any longer. .. Feel the fire of desire As you dance the night away. ”It was a while before night, but at least Mutzke did not fail to shake off the rain.

He sent the sentimental soul title in the Philly sound “Me & Mrs Jones” by Billy Paul a longer announcement about happiness in life in the Swabian 40-inhabitant village at a height of 1,000 meters, matching “Desirably addicted” and the first bow. The duty ended with “Ode Cologne” and bowing # 2 and the free encores began. A nice concert, all in all, which unfortunately helped usher in what felt like early autumn. Where is the climate when it might like to warm up?


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