“Maybe the time will come when I will have to sing on the roofs too!” – minds musician Don

Don says that the pandemic time was relatively calm for him and the downtime in his life was conditional – some new songs were also written. “How do I find inspiration for new songs? It can be gained in different ways, both by living in peaceful conditions and by experiencing various events, ”says the musician. He has adventures for himself by riding a motorcycle and a couple of times a month also going to Enguri, where together with “Brainstorm” Kaspars Rogs are the owners of “Engure Cafe”. “Of course, Kaspars is more often there because he lives on that side,” Don points out.

The singer was most worried about whether his big concert will take place at the Daugava Stadium at the end of the summer. “The hope that the concert will take place is very small, but it is. Let’s understand if concerts are not allowed – I believe that concerts are like a holiday, and the holiday is celebrated only when everything is in order, ”said Don, whose concert has now been postponed to next year..

Asked if he would be willing to adapt to the new order of making music – for car concerts that take place both in the parking lots and on the roofs of supermarkets – Don worries: “How many evenings should I sing from the place to reach the same audience? That would be very hard work. But maybe the time will come when I sing on the roofs… ”

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