This is great news for big-mac, nugget and CBO lovers! Mcdonald’s will reopen very soon in France! Only this news is not unanimous especially with its employees. We will explain everything to you.

The big international fast-food chain, Mcdonald’s, will reopen very soon in a region in France. If several restaurants had remained open in the suburbs of Tours, three new establishments will reopen their doors in Île-de-France.

Safety first, Mcdonald’s has decided to develop “an operational guide“which aims to”significantly strengthen health measures ” for its employees. In fact, the group’s employees must all be equipped with masks, charlottes, gloves, and they will work in reduced numbers to limit the spread of microbes.

In addition, the “contactless payment will be preferred“and”cash will no longer be accepted“. The “the number of couriers in delivery will also be limited with new distancing measures“declared the American firm at the microphone of France 3.

Lynda Zarif, employee and member of the CGT of trade and services, countered these arguments by explaining that on the contrary, all this was only a question of money:

Already, they have taken a long time to close, and they have not done so for security reasons, even if they want to get this message across. They realized that customers were no longer coming with containment, and therefore they were no longer making numbers. Then they heard that they could combine government aid for short-time working and openness, to the detriment of the health of employees, customers and delivery people. And all of this, even though traditional restaurants are forced to close.

Did she say at France 3. She continued:

It is bullshit. In the Paris region, employees generally do not have a personal car. They have to take public transport, and therefore rub shoulders with even more people potentially carrying the virus, in addition to customers and deliverers. They can therefore contract the disease, pass it on to their loved ones, all for money, money, money, etc.

A health disaster is brewing. It should not be forgotten that many workers in the trade have already died from Covid-19, which is one of the sectors most affected. And I don’t think a Big Mac is essential, some people live on another planet. On the contrary, it is even better for one’s health to do without McDonald’s.

If Mcdonald’s announces that the employees will come to work on a voluntary basis, Lynda Zarif immediately replies:

When management talks about volunteering, I see a lot of hypocrisy. Do not be fooled, the employees of fast food are precarious. At McDonald’s, the average salary is around 800 euros, as many employees are paid minimum wage and work part-time. Partial unemployment, with 85% of the salary, you don’t have much left. Especially to pay a rent in Paris or in the near suburbs, but also to feed and raise your children.

That is clear.

If the reopening of certain restaurants is good news for consumers, it is less for its employees. Case to follow …

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