McLaren received a scholarship for affordable cancer screening

PETOSKEY, Mich. (WPBN / WGTU) – McLaren Northern Michigan is working with the Prevent Cancer Foundation to seek out more people for lung cancer.

McLaren received one of 12 national programs to receive a grant of $ 25,000 from the Foundation.

This will help make lung cancer screening more affordable for high-risk patients.

This also means that the cost of the screening of 75 US dollars is eliminated.

"Lung cancer is the time when you catch it when there are no symptoms, it can often be too late," Lisa McGovern from the Prevent Cancer Foundation said here at McLaren is so well done. To try to reach people at a time when their results are most favorable. "

November is the month of national lung cancer awareness.

McLaren has a checklist on his website to see if you should be checked for lung cancer.



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