Mediterranean foods maintain liver health

Mediterranean foods maintain liver health

Paris – Time
Recent studies have revealed that the diet of Mediterranean countries, rich in antioxidants, Provides a protective effect not only in the early stages of liver disease but also in its most advanced stages , According to a recent study published recently in the International Conference on Liver Diseases, held in the French capital (Paris). The study – which involved about 300 individuals from the United States and Turkey – showed that a large number Of the Turks (healthy and suffering from cirrhosis in the liver) have a significantly higher microbial diversity than their counterparts in the United States of America. Cirrhosis is the leading cause of death worldwide and can be prevented Dramatically, leading to the deaths of more than one million people worldwide annually. The risk of death from cirrhosis varies significantly among countries, driven mainly by alcohol use rates , And the prevalence of Hepatitis B and C viruses, and intestinal microbes may cause Development of cirrhosis. The study noted a gradual decrease in microbial diversity between healthy and cirrhosis patients, as well as Patients with symptoms of non-compensatory liver disease.

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