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Meet the fan who was VETED by MLB from entering any stadium

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After his acts, he will never set foot in a major league stadium in his life.

Meet the fan who was VETED by MLB from entering any stadium

Major League Baseball (MLB) is one of the leagues most loved by fans of this American sport, and whose main attraction is the coexistence that often occurs between fans and players.

Although there are some who abuse that trust and go overboard, as happened to this fan who has been banned for life from all major league stadiums.

This after he came up with the great idea of ​​throwing a ball from the stands to Boston Red Sox player Alex Verdugo, during a game against the New York Yankees.

Although the act was supported by some New York fans, the general rejection was against the subject, who was immediately removed from the stadium for security reasons.

?? While the Yakees appreciate the spirit and passion of our fans in our rivalries, especially with the Red Sox, we will never allow reckless and disobedient behavior that endangers players, employees and other fans, ?? the team wrote it’s a statement.

There is absolutely no place for this at Yankee Stadium. The safety of everyone in the stadium, including our guests in the stands and the field of play, will always be a priority for this organization?

The act only caused a brawl, because after the incident the player hit with a ball went to the stands and began a verbal confrontation with the Yankees fans.

After being identified, the person responsible for the incident was removed from the stadium, was not detained or made available to the police, but the Yankees have shown the NYPD their willingness to collaborate in the event that an investigation is opened.

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At the moment, this fan has already been banned from all MLB stadiums for life and will not be able to see a major league game from the stands.


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