News Meghan Markle leaves in Vancouver; Prince Harry publishes news...

Meghan Markle leaves in Vancouver; Prince Harry publishes news of Invictus


The real show continues.

Prince Harry issued a statement Wednesday through his Invictus Games Foundation and posted a video on YouTube announcing that the Invictus Games in 2022 will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

"Germany has been a key part of the Invictus Games family since the beginning in 2014 and I know they will be exemplary hosts to pick up the cloak and show what the sport continues to do for these inspiring men and women in their recovery." Harry said, in his first public statement since Monday and the crisis over his plans and those of Duchess Meghan to reduce his real roles.

"The Invictus Games in Dusseldorf 2022. The story continues."

Meanwhile, Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge made their first joint public appearance since "Sussex's departure" declined slightly this week, going on a walk Wednesday in a diverse community in northern England where they probably expected Questions about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

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The day before, Meghan also made a post-drama appearance, without Harry, at a women's center in Vancouver, British Columbia. Photos of the smiling duchess surrounded by other women were shared on Tuesday on the Facebook page of the Eastside Center Women's Center. Associated Press also reported the appearance.

"Look who we had tea with today! The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visited us today to discuss issues that affect women in the community," she captioned in the photo. In the photo, Meghan is seen wearing a cream sweater, brown boots and loose hair.

Today, Will and Kate traveled to Bradford in West Yorkshire, which has significant populations of people descending from India, Pakistan, Africa and the Caribbean. The couple had to visit people and projects described by Kensington Palace as promoters of the community and "social cohesion."

Asians born in Great Britain, Africans and Caribbean Islanders I have been among the biggest fans of biracial Duchess Meghan as a symbol of the changing nature of the royal family.


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