“Melania? A candy on the arm of Donald Trump”, “Ivanka? The princess who would like to be queen”: a former close friend of the Trump family

A few weeks ago, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff released a book called “Melania and Me”. The latter is currently experiencing tremendous success. For the occasion, she was invited to the show Newsnight on the BBC.

She notably returned to her common past with Melania Trump and she revealed several anecdotes.

The former adviser thus declared that, according to her, the marriage between Donald Trump and Melania had been only a kind of “financial transaction“: “Donald wanted a candy on his arm“, she says.

Melania has had two vibrant decades. She was a young model still unknown. She met Donald, they had a son together, and she became an American citizen. Ten years later, she is the First Lady of the United States. I think it was a magical moment, made for TV“, she explained.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff did not stop there and also gave her opinion on the relationship between Melania and Ivanka, daughter of Donald Trump’s first wife: “Ivanka is a ‘control freak’. She always has a cohort behind her to help her with what she does. She really wanna usurp Melania, take her place“, she blurted out.”It is the princess who would like to be queen. It hinders all progress and initiative of Melania“, she concluded.


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