MEMBER OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE – Dr. Nelson Rodríguez resigns from the PLD; says it is not for "events of the moment"


Dr. Nelson Rodríguez Monegro, former National Health Director, presented his resignation to the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) because he considered that the values, principles and ends in the organization created by Professor Juan Bosch were lost.

In a letter addressed to Reinaldo Pared Pérez, in his capacity as general secretary of the PLD, Dr. Rodríguez Monegro says that his resignation, also as a member of the Central Committee of that organization, has nothing to do with the events of the moment, referring to The departure of Leonel Fernández.

In the letter he recounts how he entered the PLD, through the circle of studies, how he was appointed as an official in the health sector and how he reached a seat in the Chamber of Deputies.

“The values, principles and ends that distinguished the PLD were lost. Many of the top leaders suffered a metamorphosis, they transformed, they left their utopias along the way. They attached themselves to "pragmatism." They personally embraced Neoliberalism, where the individual is prioritized over the collective: "well I, then I care that it enters the sea."

Next full text of the resignation of Dr. Rodríguez Monegro

Moca, Prov. Espaillat, Oct 30, 2019

Dr. Reynaldo Pared Perez

Secretary General of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD)

His office

Distinguished Secretary General

When I decided to actively participate in party politics, I was already a medical professional, in the field of pediatrics, successful. With broad and fluid social relations, a member of development organizations in the province of Espaillat, social, sports and cultural clubs, with a television program where health and general issues were discussed. Well-known supporter of Juan Bosch's thought.

It was in 1994, when a movement called “Change 94” emerged, that some leaders of the PLD approached me, knowing my political sympathies, to be part of that external movement, which supported the presidential candidacy of the PLD. I did not think much and accepted. On that occasion the PLD barely reached 13% of the votes, if I remember correctly.

It is present in my mind, as in these circumstances Danilo Medina toured all the provinces trying to lift the spirits of the fighters who had been devastated.

I was granted membership as a result of the work done, which I rejected, because I knew the idiosyncrasy of the peledeista. I preferred to enter a Study Circle. After two years I "graduated" as a member (1996).

I had a rapid ascent in the party, already in 1998 I was a member of the Municipal Directorate, and in 2001 I was elected a member of the Central Committee, ratified in 2005. From there to date no new elections have been made, except for some members of the Political Committee.

Following the triumph of the PLD in 1996, the direction of the party proposed to me as director of the Dr.Toribio Bencosme Hospital, in Moca. Management was made for history.

In 1998, already understanding that with the resources available to me I had done my best, because of my deteriorating economy, I quit. At the time I was already secretary of health Dr. Altagracia Guzmán Marcelino, who a few weeks later called me to offer me the position of Provincial Director of Health, newly created units. I tried to slip away but in the end I ended up accepting, despite my family's rejection.

In 2002 I presented myself as a candidate for deputy, without the support of the municipal and provincial structures of the party, I campaigned without resources, creating parallel structures of comrades in the whole territory of the province, and, above all, with all the Social Organizations. Danilo Medina himself supported another candidate. Still I won the seat. I was the only deputy for the party in the province. I spent 4 years in the Chamber of Deputies. There I really began to know the true power from their insides. I realized why structural changes in this country are so difficult. There nothing happens that is beneficial to the people, if it affects interests. As there are communicating vessels of these factual powers and political power.

In 2006 I aspired to senator for the Espaillat province, although I was facing the president of the Senate at that time, I knew I could defeat him. But it started with a handicap, it was not the favorite for the candidacy of President Fernández. Well, as a deputy I had some differences with him, when he assigned those 25 million dollars to HOMS, I made a resolution rejecting him since the José María Cabral y Báez Hospital was collapsed, being the center where the most vulnerable population went; which did not forgive me. I defeated his candidate (67 to 33%). Of course he never supported me and I ended up losing 1.5%. By the means that everyone knows.

In 2006, I was called by Dr. Bautista Rojas, Secretary of Health, to assume the Undersecretary of Collective Health, I put some requirements to accept, coinciding with me. It gave me full freedom to develop my work. At different times I held important positions within the ministry, as well as representations before national and international organizations. I appreciate everything because this allowed me to grow as a person and increase the wealth of knowledge in the field of health. I ended up being Executive Director of the National Health Service. I think that from there many know the story.

In all the positions I held there were always people from the party that urged my dismissal or cancellation for not assuming patronizing, populist or political attitudes.

I have always been a critic of the PLD and the government, in and out. I believe in self-criticism. Many times when you leave an interview program, they told me, you don't seem like a government official. I think you can administer a truth, but never, ever tell a lie.

The values, principles and ends, which distinguished the PLD, were lost. Many of the top leaders suffered a metamorphosis, they transformed, they left their utopias along the way. They attached themselves to "pragmatism." They personally embraced Neoliberalism, where the individual is prioritized over the collective: "well I, then I care that it enters the sea."

I always thought that at some point the party was going to be rediscovered within the doctrine that he gave himself: Boschism. It could not be, and never will be. What a shame!

The PLD has long been a party of the system, with its same vices. I do not feel represented. Serve, then, this writing, as an irrevocable waiver of the Dominican Liberation Party. For the record, my resignation has nothing to do with the events of the moment of the game.

Without another particular

Dr. Nelson Rodríguez Monegro.

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