‘Men and Women’: Chia’s opinion on the episode of 16/10/20

Yes, I know the Classical throne in recent seasons it had definitely lost appeal and that Men and women for years it has been almost entirely based on Trono over, but I hoped that the merger between the two formats would serve to give new life to young people by creating some new dynamics (and no, for ‘unprecedented dynamics‘I don’t mean the fake triangles with Armando Incarnato omnipresent third wheel among the twenties …), not to kill him permanently.

That is, with all the good for Carlotta Savorelli, Roberta Di Padua e Michele Dentice (mostly per Michele Dentice, here), it will never be possible that in the last seven days it is like the third time that we see them in the studio to tell us in detail every exchange of text messages and every output they have made to make us choose who to pay the palm of the recording, when the throne of Sophie codegoni it always seems to me at his first episode, since we see half of his external a week if all goes well?

And it’s a shame, huh, because that outside half is worth more than all the intricacies of Armandone put together, however, it is really difficult to be passionate about these guys (let’s not talk about shipping them with someone …) if we fail to memorize their names so little we see them in action. Like that to me Nino the outsider in the pizzeria is not at all sorry, and neither is that curly guy who annihilated the other day Daniel the gold digger with two little words, but until it will be easier for me to remember the terrifying outfits that put together episode after episodeEmbodied compared to what the little kids told each other during their external it means that there is a problem, a grooosso trouble.

And speaking of ‘big problems‘let’s talk about Gemma Galgani, it goes. She who until the rvm post last episode was friendzone Biagio Di Maro because their relationshiphe must not be forced to become something different, he must become so naturally and spontaneously“It is the same person who forced a clearly reticent – because he had already come from home, reticent, of course – Paolo Gozzi to deepen their knowledge, when he has always appeared more enthusiastic about the machine Bourbon coffee than her. And by means of an appointment they had, he talks about it with incredible yearning, underlining that, if Biagio managed to get out of the friendzone, it’s only because “he was close to me in the stormy period of my previous history“. Ma ‘stormy‘de what, who has never been fucked in the cloth? And above all … but ‘HISTORY‘de che, which lasted two episodes and if the cameras weren’t on he didn’t even let you know if he was still alive or an expatriate in Thailand?

He has se Gemmona by now it is well known (even if it was fun today to witness the decreasing parable of his “mischievous smile“, As the other ladies entered that Biagio he is obviously aiming for the lemon “passionate, intense and not vulgar” with the Galgani, which however he wanted to follow a beautiful ‘morning watered orchid‘, apparently …), to make me sad as much as she thinks about it Maria, lately.

Of course “pantherAs he calls it By Maro, this is a sly that as long as Gemmona she was focused on Goiters was pissing off by stating that “I’m going out with tonight Paolo, so she can go out with Biagio“, And now that the Galgani has changed aims “me and Biagio we shared the dish and something was created that goes beyond food“. Come no, ceeerto, and the marmot was making the chocolate.

Video from the episode: Full episode – A cactus for the mummy – Gemma: “For now I have the table left …” – Tina: “As long as the plastic goes …” – Gemma and the passionate kiss (at 11pm) – Aurora: “Gemma you know that Biagio he gave me an orchid too … “- Maria:” Biagio did you go out with Maria too? ” – Maria: “Biagio is interested in Sabina” – Roberta: “Michele I am a woman and I want respect!” – Maria: “Michele today are you going out with Carlotta or Roberta?” – Carlotta: “Michele you would do well to go out with Roberta”

Unreleased videos: Sophie answers your questions – How social are you?

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