Merol also participates in ‘The smartest person in the world’

© The smartest person in the world

Although she was only seen last fall in The smartest person in the worldthe Dutch singer Merol will also make her appearance in Erik van Looy’s quiz this autumn.

Tom Vets

Yesterday at 03:00

As previously announced, there will be another edition of this after the summer The smartest person in the world† Successful candidates from the past ten seasons are once again discussed. In 2010 there was already a Worst man with the best players from the first eight years, won by comedian Bert Kruismans.

Merol was one of the best players last year. She lasted no less than nine episodes and is therefore one of the most successful Dutch participants ever. She recently received a call from presenter Erik Van Looy and she took it again. The names of Gert Verhulst and soprano Astrid Stockman were already mentioned earlier. Exceptionally this year, the quiz starts at the beginning of September and ends around All Saints’ Day, in order to avoid competition with the World Cup.