Meta delays the encryption of Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct

The two communication products owned by Meta, which belong to Facebook and Instagram, will be fully encrypted at the earliest in 2023, announces.

After initially, the complete encryption of the communication made through Facebook Messenger and Instagram was scheduled for next year, Meta returns now and says that it needs more time.

The new term for encrypting the two services is “sometime in 2023”. Meta says that in order to implement this facility correctly, it needs more time than initially thought.

Unlike WhatsApp, which benefits from default end-to-end encryption, other products do not enjoy the same level of security. In Messenger, for example, encryption is optional and must be activated by users on time.

Meta has an excuse that it is currently working on the interoperability of the three communication services it has, and this is a complex and time-consuming process.

On the other hand, one may think that Meta is trying to waste time and not implement full encryption before finding an alternative for data collection. Meta is known to work on a system that “pulls” the personal data needed to target advertisements from encrypted data transfers, without breaking the encryption system.