Meta’s Verified Subscription: Protecting Identity or Amplifying Disinformation?

We have seen it on Twitter, as a general rule, verified accounts are often those of conspiracy theorists and those who share the content of the former.

In late April, Twitter began removing blue symbols (Twitter Blue) from previously verified accounts that hadn’t paid the $8 monthly subscription program. Journalists, activists and scientists, who once used the platform to demystify misinformation or share election results, have seen their blue mark disappear, can we read on et several sources. In their place, the blue symbols are mostly used for profiles of propaganda sycophants complaining in particular that their Twitter Blue subscriptions did not translate into greater engagement on their messages.

The blue mark, once a symbol of reliability, has become such a harmful symbol that major accounts not only refused to subscribe to Twitter Blue – they didn’t even want it when Elon Musk offered it to them for free.

On the other hand, for the authors of disinformation, this brand gives them more leverage to support their theories of disinformation. Whether they are real individuals or not, what matters to them is their propaganda.

The same identity verification is being applied in the Meta empire, on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media giant, Meta, is starting trials of Meta Verified to “help content creators establish their presence and build a community faster on our platforms.” This subscription offer on Instagram and Facebook gives creators broader access to account verification and support in English and French in the coming days.”

To read: Young people demand more moderation on the networks.

Meta Verified offers account holders to validate and protect their identity. So :

  1. A “verified” badge confirms that you are you and that your account has been authenticated using government-issued identification;
  2. Increased protection against identity theft through proactive account monitoring to identify potential impersonators who may be targeting people with growing online communities;
  3. Personalized help;
  4. And exclusive features.

Meta Verified Eligibility Criteria

Your Facebook profile must at least meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old to be eligible for Meta Verified.
  • Only personal profiles are eligible for Meta Verified at this time. Commercial accounts are not. Access to Meta Verified benefits may be disabled or terminated at any time if the account violates the Terms of service where the community standards.
  • The profile must be a public or private profile associated with your full name, which respects the naming standards and have a profile picture that includes your face and matches your government-issued ID.
  • Your account must meet minimum activity criteria, such as previous posting history.
  • L’two-factor authentication must be activated.

Verification process

You will be asked to provide government-issued ID and, where possible, a video selfie before being approved for a Meta Verified membership. The ID information must match the profile name and photo of the Instagram or Facebook account you are applying for. Once your profile is verified, you cannot change your username or date of birth on your profile without going through the Meta Verified subscription and verification request process.

Prix de Meta Verified

  • Mobile web/desktop (Facebook only) – $15.99
  • iOS – 19,99 $
  • Android – 19,99 $

Time will tell if the Meta Verified badge curbs or amplifies conspiratorial content and other misinformation on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

2023-06-01 19:19:21

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