Metropolis of Lyon. In Bron, the sale of pizzas at 1 € attracts the crowd

This Wednesday, November 30, from 6 p.m., a queue of several meters was visible in front of the new Pizza Cozy sign. And for good reason, the first 300 customers could enjoy a €1 pizza for this opening night! So, at 159 avenue Franklin-Roosevelt, there were dozens of people there, all the way to the adjacent street, avenue de La République.

“We are super surprised and too happy that there are so many people, rejoices Thibault Prost, the manager. Bron is there and it’s great. We’re going to sweat a lot tonight since we risk exceeding 300 people. We prepared a few pizzas in advance to limit the wait. We try to anticipate so that customers wait as little time as possible and just have to pay. »

Waiting does not scare customers who patiently wait their turn. “I suggested to my daughter that we go and taste this pizza. Obviously, we are in the top 300 so it’s reassuring, notes Myriam. We’ll wait but it’s for fun. »