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Mexican Company makes ingenious blinds & # 39; blinds & # 39; made of sand

From now on you will be able to announce that the sand of time is running out without sounding too dramatic. And that is thanks to the Mexican architects Álvaro Ramírez + Arquitectos. The people behind the idea of ​​this creation can be fans of board games, Alias, in particular, because the idea of ​​his design is based on an hourglass. Despite the closer to nature and the meditating vibes it creates, the end result was questioned by attentive internet users. Look at it, would you like something like that in your place?

See, the window that works like an hourglass

Image credits: Álvaro Ramírez + Arquitectos

Some questions, however, were posed by clever observers

View the enchanting window in this video


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