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Mi³akowo. Councilors will check if the artistic group spreads “satanic cult”. The messenger intervenes

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The Wiedźmuchy artistic group, founded five years ago, brings together nearly 20 girls and women of all ages, mainly from Olsztyn and the surrounding area. They include clerks, directors, a businesswoman and a former policewoman.

Miłakowo. The Catholic Action complained to the commune authorities about the Wiedźmuchy art group

As Onet describes, many of the group’s members are survivors – including: a double widow, a victim of rape, a victim of domestic violence, the mother of a murdered child and women who have recovered from addictions. Witchers not only support each other, but also color local festivals (they have already performed at hundreds of events) and engage in charity campaigns.

The group describes itself as religiously neutral – some of its members are devout Catholics. However, this does not convince the activists of the local Catholic Action, which complained to the city authorities about the activities of women. Consequently, the matter will be considered at the meeting of the municipal complaint and petition committee. This may come as a surprise as Miłakowo is not the seat of Wiedźmuch or the place where they most often appeared. This increased interest can probably be explained by the fact that the founder of the group has been the director of the Miłakowski House of Culture for a year and a half. She comes from Olsztyn and does not live in the commune.

A PiS deputy said that “LGBT is the cause of suicide.” OIL comment

“The dances, shouts and songs of The Witcher bring to mind the Satanic cult”

One of the active activists of the Catholic Action in Miłaków is Zbigniew Zabłocki, councilor of the Ostróda poviat on behalf of PiS. In an interview with Onet, the local government official emphasized that members of several local associations had recently discussed Wiedźmuch and concluded that “something must be done”. He noted that although he is lenient towards art, he is also sensitive to offending religious feelings, and that “The Witcher’s dances, shouts and chants bring to mind the satanic cult.”

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The Complaints and Petitions Committee was due to deal with the notification of Catholic Action last Thursday. According to Zbigniew Opoka, its chairman, this item was postponed to the next meeting, which will probably take place at the end of August. As he said, the members of the committee came to the conclusion that the director of the community center and the pastor should be invited to the deliberations,
“and in such a group to explain some things”.

– I haven’t been to any meeting at Diabla Góra or in a community center, but the members of the commission were there. And these girls are like witches: they will fly, fly on a broomstick. It’s like a cabaret, but we want to find out exactly what it’s all about – said Rock.

“Local councilors take the complaint seriously and will investigate it on the commune council committee, but the decisive vote during the committee meeting may belong to the parish priest. And the members of the Catholic Action say that they will be the parish priest’s closest collaborators, available to act in various fields” – writes Onet .

– I did not know this complaint, so I will not comment on it, but I can assure you that we are fairy-tale characters. We are concerned with spreading joy, not the occult. We do not fortune tellers or perform spells. We also do not interfere with religion – said Alicja Tomaszewska, founder of Wiedźmuch, in an interview with Onet. – With our performances, we show that women’s life does not have to be just about standing by the pots – she emphasized.

From the website of Catholic Action operating at the Roman Catholic Parish of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Miłakowo you can find out that its goals include, among others “Christianization of every aspect of life” and “conversion to the path of Christian life”. In turn, one of the articles posted on the website of the parish itself contained pseudoscientific claims that “homosexuality is a disorder and a kind of developmental anomaly”, “mental deviation acquired as a result of the negative influence of the environment”, and “usually active homosexuals have more than one addiction: alcoholism, drugs, heavy smoking, overeating “.

The deputy of the Left intervenes. “Is the parish priest a party?”

After the text of Onet, Monika Falej, MP from the Left, joined the matter. The parliamentarian sent a letter to the chairman of the Complaints, Applications and Petitions committee of the Miłakowo City Council, in which she assured that she knew the group’s activities and admired its self-help activities and activities for the benefit of local communities. She also asked questions:

  1. Is Alicja Tomaszewska called in as the director of the Miłakowski House of Culture, or as the founder of the group?
  2. The presence of the parish priest announced by you during the examination of the complaint is to prove that he is a party?
  3. So is it a complaint from a parish or Catholic Action?
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Falej expressed her hope that the complaint would be rejected because the City Council and the institutions that fell under the office are secular and not subject to canon law. The deputy also sent a letter to Wiedźmuch, in which she promised to monitor the case and “will not allow secular institutions to follow a law other than the Polish penal code.”

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