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Home News Midterm Election Updates: Voters go to polls across the country

Midterm Election Updates: Voters go to polls across the country

Mr Biden was active in the Campaign campaign, considering whether he should challenge Trump in 2020. He told reporters that they want to track the results today, as in much of the country: at home, with his family, on a big-screen TV

– Lisa Lerer

OREM, Utah – After dark on Monday night, Representative Mia Love stepped through a campaign office as an army of young volunteers took over the electorate's short-dial function.

"I can not wait to leave all this behind," said Ms. Love, who was the only black Republican woman to navigate difficult terrain in Congress and as a child of Haitian immigrants in the Trump era.

It was a challenging few months for the congressman representing the Republican suburbs south of Salt Lake City. She faces a challenge from Ben McAdams, a well-known mayor and democrat who tried to tie her to Mr. Trump. While the state is highly republican, it is also strongly Mormon, and the president's blatant words have turned against many conservatives.

At the same time, Mr. Trump has begun to say that he will lift his first-born citizenship – the constitutional guarantee that makes Ms. Love an American.

"I am a daughter of immigrants," she said, pulling up a chair. "That is, I was not a US citizen, I was born in New York, my two parents were born in Haiti, they immigrated legally, they went through the process, they worked hard, these are the kinds of things that You sit there and you have to call him and say, look, this is not us.

Ms. Love has attempted to combat attacks from both sides by speaking out against the president.

Soon she will find out if she has done enough.

In Orem, she realized that the race could only reach a few hundred votes, and that she probably would not know the result by Tuesday night. "There is a very good chance that ours is near," she said, "it is not called."

– Julie Turkewitz


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