Migrants in the United States leave their lives in the hands of criminals, says Alejandro Mayorkas

The Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Alexander Mayorkasdefended this Sunday the immigration policies of the administration Joe Biden and said that the migrants like those who lost their lives last June 27 in San Antonio, Texas, they put their lives “in the hands of criminals”.

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In an interview for the show Face the Nationof the CBS network, Mayorkas pointed out that the United States government has insisted, time and time again, “and we keep warning people not to make that dangerous journey” to the United States.

In San Antonio, he added, “we saw one of the possible tragic results of that perilous journey and many people don’t even make it that far in the hands of exploitative smugglers. And we continue to enforce immigration law, as is our legal responsability”.

The Biden administration has warned migrants on different occasions not to “be fooled” by the human traffickers and that “the border is closed”.

On June 27, a trailer was located in Saint Anthony that was abandoned by the driver –who is already detained-. Inside, 46 bodies were found and of the survivors, another five have lost their lives. Of the deceased, 27 would be Mexican. Mayorkas indicated that migrants who travel from Central America to the border between Mexico and the United States often receive false information from traffickerswhich encourages them to start the tour.

“They put their lives, the savings of a lifetime, in the hands of these exploitative organizations, these criminal organizations that do not care about their lives and that just looking to make a profit”, he said in the interview.

The official assured that the Biden government works closely with Mexico to disrupt the migrant caravans seeking to cross the border into the United States, saying dealing with the high number of migrant arrivals along the southern border is a “regional challenge that requires a regional response.”

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The transnational criminal organizations that traffic migrants, he acknowledged, are “very sophisticated. They have evolved in the last 30 years. In the 90s they were much more rudimentary. Now they are very sophisticated, they use technology, and they are extraordinarily organized transnational criminal enterprises,” he lamented.

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However, the United States government, he clarified, has also intensified its efforts through the technology and laborand authorities on the border have saved more than 10,000 people this year.

“Can a truck pass through sophisticated means? Sometimes, yes,” she said. “But I have to say that we have intercepted more drugs at ports of entry than ever before. We have rescued more migrants. We are seeing a challenge which is really regional, hemispheric in scope, and we are addressing it accordingly,” he said.

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