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Migration expert: UN pact opens up opportunities

Berlin (dpa) – The Global Pact for Migration opens in the opinion of political scientist Petra Bendel both immigrants and the target countries of migrants new opportunities.

The sovereignty of the individual states remains untouched, said Bendel the German Press Agency. She emphasized: "No state is forced to take specific measures."

The pact is still more than a mere declaration of intent. He is not legally binding under international law, but nevertheless of great political importance, said Bendel. She is a member of the Expert Council of German Foundations for Integration and Migration (SVR).

Although sanctions are not foreseen, the pact includes a review mechanism. "Every four years it should be looked up which of the goals are being implemented by the individual states and which are not," said the researcher from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Migrants open the pact the chance that they – regardless of their residence status – to get access to state benefits, "this includes the rule of law." In court, a migrant may point to the pact. "However, he could not claim specific rights in the legal proceedings by citing this document."

The destination countries also benefit. For them, there should be support, for example, when it comes to conceive and finance integration measures. For their part, the countries of origin of the migrants benefited by promoting measures for return and reintegration as well as by means of helping to reduce the causes of flight.

The document adopted by the UN Member States in July will be adopted at a summit in Morocco on 10 and 11 December. The pact should help to better organize escape and migration and to strengthen the rights of those affected. The USA, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic do not want to participate. In Germany above all the AfD mobilizes against the pact. AFD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel warned that he could be abused "to open the immigration gates even further".

By contrast, Bendel sees only two risks: that individual states go out of their way and "that governments simply ignore the recommendations and the outcome of the review".


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