Miguel Oliveira (KTM): TV-Dreh mit Christiano Ronaldo / MotoGP

Red Bull KTM ace Miguel Oliveira has done a commercial shoot with soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo and talks about the exceptional soccer player’s motorcycle skills.

Miguel Oliveira (27) has long been an absolute must in the MotoGP World Championship. The Portuguese is also in demand in his very home country. Together with soccer prodigy Cristiano Ronaldo (37), he also acted as an actor in a commercial. The client was a large Portuguese bank, for which Oliveira has been promoting for years.

The shooting location was a harbor dock, where the two crowd favorites race around on motorcycles for the video. “We are both boys who are mainly interested in our own sport. I certainly know more about MotoGP than football. It’s the same with Cristiano, »Viennese Oliveira describes the additions of the two stars.

The fact is: Miguel Oliveira has been an absolute megastar in Portugal since his MotoGP home win in Portimão 2020 at the latest, he is a testimonial for several corporations such as the Hyundai car brand. The man from a suburb of Lisbon has long since raised interest in motorcycling in his homeland – a country where football reigns supreme – to a new level.

Oliveira says about working with Ronaldo in front of the camera: “It was tricky because Cristiano can’t do wheelies. He can do a lot with the ball, but not so much with the bike. We had to try to get the best out of it. He had a stunt double and it ended up being a lot of fun.”