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Milan-Sampdoria 3-2: Higuain and Suso overturn the result

The exams are not finished, but on one thing Rino Gattuso is right: his Milan alive, very alive, has anger in the body and goals in the blood. In the most difficult evening for the Milan coach, his boys make three at Sampdoria, which so far had taken just four in nine outings. Above all, they make one more of the opponents: these days is so, the Devil always gives nets to those in front of him (we are 15 races in a row in the league, not happened since 1946). But today enough and advances: with 3-2 to the blucerchiati Milan gets up, hooks them in the standings and starts to run towards the fourth place, now three points away. And Ringhio, sweaty, without a jacket after two minutes and fiddled towards the fourth man at the final whistle, breathes. Suso decides, with a pearl from the outside at 17 'of the recovery, the stand up Higuain, after the band Giampaolo had taken the lead by reassembling the initial Cutrone network: the couple works, the whole stadium stands up to applaud Patrick when he leaves.

The feeling that the 4-4-2 proposed by Gattuso (with Laxalt outside of midfield for Bonaventura, in the stands for a slight inflammation in the knee) something gives and something to remove. What you wrote on the table: the weight of the double forward striker translates into the two goals that open and close the first half, with Cutrone leading the way on the cross of Suso (badly Bereszynski, which is lost Patrick) and then 'assist for Higuain in an exchange in the narrow at the limit that surprises the central blucerchiati. Behind, for, they are pains: the Samp arrives in the area with a disarming simplicity and every time it makes a potential danger to Donnarumma. A spell of Quagliarella for Saponara yields the former's goal for 1-1 and a nephew of 5 blucerchiato for the Neapolitan gives Giampaolo the momentary 2-1 before the goal of Pipita. The truth of the Devil with two faces, especially this evening, is in the middle: Biglia and Kessie run like crazy but struggling to filter in the cobweb of the trio Linetty-Ekdal-Praet, Gattuso swap positions but without great results.

because he won the milan
 He wanted 23 lions, the Calabrian technician, he saw them in the spirit with which Cutrone and his companions have put back thoughts and geometries to go back after one-two of Saponara and Quagliarella. He saw them in the attitude of the two strikers and Suso, Laxalt (who hits a pole of half a meter in the final), Rodriguez and Romagnoli, the most attentive of the defensive line in the last part of the match, when San Siro whistled the advances of the Samp – impoverished by the exit of Saponara, injured, like Calabria in the last minutes – for fear of finding themselves once again mocked. Not successful, and for today it is enough. Like the one played by Suso who gave oxygen back to Rino and to the whole group.


Giampaolo, c 'regret: "At times the best race in the championship"

Ferrero: "Bella Sampdoria Giampaolo I keep it tight"
Laxalt: "We have changed in mentality"

Marco Fallisi

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