Ministry of Education – Government of Catamarca

Within the framework of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Education of the province and the National Institute of Theater Representation of Catamarca, the cycle “With Theater I Returned to School” is being carried out, coordinated by the Directorate of Socio-educational and Food Policies, in which various artistic presentations are made in selected educational institutions to accompany the actions carried out by the technical teams of the “I returned to the Catamarca School” program.

During the past week, the educational community of the Special School No. 7 of San Isidro, enjoyed the presentation of the play “Caroza always Caroza” while their peers from the School No. 302 of Polcos, witnessed the function “The Show of Donkey”.

In the Ribera del Valle Institutional Unit, the little ones saw “The Lightbulb and Pokitito Show” and the students of School No. 196 had fun with the “Caroza always Caroza” show.

Finally, the educational community of School No. 443 in La Falda applauded the presentation of “The Donkey Show”, and School No. 127 in San José Obrero was delighted with “The Light Bulb and Pokitito Show”.

“All these recreational actions allow children to be accompanied in school tasks to reinforce and stay in the current school year, which is the objective that “Volvé a la Escuela Catamarca” proposes, it is about students being content and finding in the school there is also a space for games and recreation to have fun with friends,” said the Minister of Education Andrea Centurión, who thanked the support of the National Theater Institute and the mayors and councilors of the departments where these works are presented.