Miscellaneous – Justice | A man wounded with a knife: a condemned mother

The wound sank down 3.5 cm at the level of the flank. The man contained the bleeding under his T-shirt when the police arrived at the scene in Uckange, Wednesday, August 5 in the evening. He explains that he was on the street with his wife and their children when a woman threatened and assaulted him with a folding knife. He repeated his version in front of the Thionville criminal court a few days later.

The person he accuses of the violence was presented for immediate appearance on Monday. She spent the weekend in pre-trial detention. This whole affair is said to have started with a dark argument over a balloon between their respective children, which had occurred at the park two days earlier.

Crazy explanations

The 34-year-old defendant is nervous at the helm. Petite, platinum blonde hair tied up, she wears jogging, speaks fast, answers before she is given a chance to speak. She defends a completely different version. She assures us that she wanted to speak to the wife. The victim intervened, the tone rose. “He approached aggressively, I pushed him, I put one hand on his chest, the other on his throat. He slapped me and kicked me, ”she repeated to the judges.

According to her, the victim injured herself. Because there is no knife in his story. The defendant held one during the day but she no longer had it at the time of the altercation, she swears. “Maybe I threw it away like I’m doing with the lighters right now. The wacky explanation will leave a blank in the courtroom.

Convertible penalty

The defense lawyer, Me Jeanmaire, insists on the profile of this whole mother who gets carried away when it comes to her little ones. “I would just like to see my four children again,” she adds. His record already has two mentions for death threats and violence with a weapon (an American fist).

The court pronounces a flexible mixed sentence. The thirty-something receives sixteen months in prison, eight of which are closed. The other eight months are accompanied by a two-year probationary period. During this period, she will have to justify psychological care and not appear at the victim’s home. In addition, he will be prohibited from owning a weapon for five years.

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