MLB” missed the MVP Lianzhuang Otani Shohei is not happy!

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Shohei Otani was not happy about missing the Midland MVP last season!AFP

[Lin Zhijie/Comprehensive Report]Last season, the American League MVP was picked up by the New York Yankees “Judge” Judge (Aaron Judge). Many people think that Shohei Otani, the second-time star of the Los Angeles Angels, is a pity. However, today the head coach of the Angels When Phil Nevin was interviewed, he shared his feelings about not being able to win the MVP again.

Compared with Shohei Otani’s performance in the 2021 and 2022 seasons, although the number of home runs has decreased from 46 to 34, and the number of RBIs has also been revised down from 100 to 95, the pitching performance has improved significantly. Last season, he accumulated 28 starts , 166 innings of pitching are the best in his career, with a record of 15 wins and 9 losses and an ERA of 2.33. Boom Judge.

Angels head coach Nevin said in an interview today that Otani Shohei was actually unhappy about not winning the MVP award. Nevin said: “I can tell you that he is not happy about not winning the MVP, but he won the MVP for the first time. One thing is to win, and he is happy with the reinforcement of the team, he is very happy to be a starter last season.”

Shohei Otani will be called up by the Samurai team in March this year and will appear on WBC. During the interview, Nevin also shared the team’s plan for Otani: “He will join the team at the beginning of spring training and go to Japan with the national team. 1 game up front.”

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