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Money back in the event of unsuccessful dating?

by archyw

In times of corona, it is not that easy to find a new partner. You just have to get creative – and sometimes fall back on dating agencies. A love seeker from the Aachen area thought that too and promptly signed a contract. But it didn’t go quite as she had imagined.

Love can cost money

Attorney Thomas Kinschewski from Dresden explains the case:

The main benefit from the contract is that 21 partner suggestions are stored in a so-called partner deposit and (the woman) has also signed that she has no right of withdrawal. The woman pays – attention! – 8330 euros, i.e. 400 euros per nose and receives 3 contacts.

Unfortunately, they didn’t promise the lady and after a week – the revocation. Is she getting her money back at all?

Federal Court of Justice decides: there is money back

The woman was lucky, according to Kinshevsky:

Both the BGH and the Cologne Higher Regional Court have said: Yes, such a partner agency has a main service obligation – partner depot. But it is not enough that I just create the depot and put one or two noses there, but I have to fill the depot, as I have agreed.

Since only 3 people were deposited in this depot instead of 21, the woman got a large part of her money back: an impressive 7,139 euros. The agency was allowed to keep the rest. With an online agency, the lady might not have got off so easily, Kinshevsky continues:

Always remember: When it comes to dating agencies or dating sites, whatever, you have no claim to success. And when it comes to online dating, it is unclear whether I can also withdraw, because there is a paragraph in the BGB stating that there is an extraordinary right of termination due to special trust. In the case of personally mediated partners, there is this right of termination, but I simply predict: There is also this right of termination for online dating agencies.


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