Money for monument protection Topic in the science committee


03 February 2022 – 16:04 Clock

Schwerin (dpa/mv) – The state monument funding, which has been lagging behind the need for years, is a topic in the science committee of the state parliament. The AfD announced on Thursday that it would put the problem on the agenda.

“For a long time, countless buildings were left to decay,” said Thore Stein, spokesman for monument protection for the largest opposition faction, on Thursday. More and more people now decided to save and use the often centuries-old cultural assets. “However, refurbishment in line with the requirements of a monument is often associated with high costs, which means that the need for support is constantly increasing.” The recent sharp rise in construction costs are becoming more and more of a problem. “It is therefore essential to adjust the funding to the growing demand,” Stein said.

The monument report 2021 recently published on the Internet by the State Monument Preservation shows that monument owners in MV submitted 88 applications totaling around 8.5 million euros last year. According to the report, the need determined in this way is almost four times as high as the annual, constant budget estimate. Accordingly, 2.2 million euros were approved in 2021 – almost exclusively for emergency backups to stop decay.

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Source: DPA