Cinzia Lazzaroni, the most honest girl from Monza, has a dark hair and a toothy smile. It was she, in fact, on the evening of Thursday 10 January to find a wallet with 35 thousand euros inside the parking lot of the via Marsala. Cinzia, who together with her sister Laura manages the Lazzaroni tobacconist in Via Felice Cavallotti, has not thought twice about it: as soon as she saw the billowing wallet she handed it to the supermarket cashier without even looking at the number of notes.

"It was about 20 and I was going shopping with my son when he saw a wallet on the ground – she told herself – I bent down, I saw that it was full of money and I gave it to the cashier". The wallet then passed into the hands of the director of the supermarket and finally to the police who tracked down and returned the "treasure" to the legitimate owner, a young businessman from Brianza.

According to what leaked the cash would be the savings of the entrepreneur's activity. The boy, as he himself explained to the investigators, had with him all the bills because he had recently moved into an isolated house without alarm systems and for greater security he preferred to keep all the cash with him.

(B & V Photographers images)



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