More money, more teachers required: there is a rumbling in the education system in Bolivia

In Bolivia, public school faculty are rebelling. As in the previous weeks, there was a protest rally in the capital La Paz to demand an increase in the education budget, the hiring of additional staff and a change in the curriculum. Physical altercations broke out and security forces sprayed tear gas.

The socialist Luis Arce has been head of state in the South American country since November 2020. Education Minister Edgar Pary wants to call a special meeting to discuss the situation in the school system.

Poorer education than in other South American countries?

Pary also announced that it would meet with leaders of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB) union to discuss teachers’ demands. However, there is uncertainty as to whether teachers are represented by the union at all.

Schooling in Bolivia is free up to high school, and teachers believe that Bolivia is worse off than neighboring countries when it comes to education policy.