Mother of Egan Bernal said that he has cancer: “I will come out of this battle very well” | Society

A new test for the family of Egan Bernal It was known this Wednesday night, after, through their social networks, the cyclist’s mother, Flor Marina Gómez will reveal that she has breast cancer.

In an emotional video, Egan’s mother revealed that she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and that he wanted to share the whole process with his followers, especially the women, so that they would be warned and did the self-examination.

“Today a new stage begins! I was diagnosed with breast cancer; I share this with you because I know that many times we see this type of distant situation and we believe that it happens to others, but not to us. And well, this time he touched me and I know that if God gave me this test, it is because I can overcome it, “wrote Marina Gómez.

As hard as the news may be, the mother of the cyclist was very optimistic and assured that they “know them as a warrior family; we have fought battles such as my son’s accident, I will surely come out of this battle very well.”

“I don’t feel sick, I feel that life teaches me new things every day and here I am, wishing to face them with the best energy and with all the strength to be victorious,” added the mother in the description of the video.

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