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Entertainment Center/Reported by Zhan Yirui

▲Onion accidentally appeared in the Mu Yao 4 super play program, which caused heated discussions among netizens. (Picture / Flip from Mu Yao 4 Super Play YT)

McCabe’s online program “Mu Yao 4 Super Play” recently launched the third session of the “All-Star Sports Conference”, which gathered many popular YouTubers, not only immediately ranked first in the YT fever video, but also related discussions on the Internet. However, one of the scenes unexpectedly sparked heated discussions among netizens. Onion, a graphic writer who never showed his face, was accidentally mistaken by the post-production and revealed his true colors.

It is understood that onion, a graphic writer with a humorous style and close to current affairs, has never shown his face in front of the camera. Over the past few years, whether it is a group photo of fans or a guest appearance in other Internet celebrities, they have put onions on their heads to cover them up. Thinking of the first appearance in “Mu Yao 4 Super Play”, the clip was suspected of a post-production error, and it was exposed for less than 2 seconds, so it was quickly put on the head sticker to cover it.

After the onion was exposed for only 2 seconds, it was immediately covered by the post-production.    (Picture / Taken from Mu Yao 4 Super Play YT)

▲After the onion was exposed for just 2 seconds, it was immediately covered by the post-production. (Picture / Flip from Mu Yao 4 Super Play YT)

In this regard, some fans took a screenshot of the post-production error, and ran to the Dcard PO text to call “Onion himself is so handsome!” Everyone left messages, “He was betrayed like this”, “Really handsome! “It’s so handsome that it’s hard to imagine that he is an otaku”, “I finally saw his face”, “It’s over fat.”

But there are also people who think “delete the text! When he wants to show his face, he will naturally show it, respect it”, “Onion has said that he doesn’t want to show his face, if you really like him, then delete the text”, “If you want to delete it, please ask Onion himself to come up and ask for it. The other party deleted the text, right? Why are there a bunch of fans asking others to delete the text?” “I also think it’s pointless to delete it, but the editor is really working hard~”

In fact, Onion has actually publicly explained in the film many times the reason why he does not want to show his face. He said that there are two types before going out, and in the most sloppy type, he will not admit it publicly. The other type The state is to wash his hair and wear normal clothes, “I won’t take the initiative to talk about this situation, but I won’t deliberately hide my identity”, but he also admitted that he is not always low-key, and occasionally wants to show off, “I just pick opportunity”.

Wearing a mask without showing your face has gradually become a feature of Onion.  (Picture / Retrieved from Onion IG)

▲Insist on not showing your face and wearing a mask, which gradually became the feature of Onion. (Picture / Retrieved from Onion IG)

▲The video is from YouTube-Onion Man channel, please forgive me if it is removed.