Muhammad bin al-Dhib: Tweeters criticize the prison sentence of the Qatari opposition poet, so why?

  • Dina Mustafa
  • BBC News Arabic

May 11 2022

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A picture of the Qatari dissident poet Muhammad bin al-Dhib

A video clip published on an account attributed to the Qatari poet Muhammad bin Al-Deeb sparked a great controversy on social media, after the account published a video clip of Ibn Theeb, in which he confirmed that a Qatari court had sentenced him to life imprisonment, along with two others, which ignited social networking sites, as tweeters launched an attack. scathing at the Qatari authorities.

Despite the spread of the life sentence marking on Muhammad bin al-Dhib in several Gulf countries, led by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, there are no official Qatari sources confirming the validity of this information so far.

What’s the story?

Qatari activists and opponents circulated a video clip of the well-known Qatari poet, Muhammad bin al-Dhib, criticizing the decision of a Qatari court against him with life imprisonment, he said.

Bin al-Dhib explained in the video that “the life imprisonment sentence that was issued against him and the lawyer Hazza bin Ali Abu Sherida al-Marri and his brother, Dr. Rashid bin Ali Abu Sherida al-Marri, came because of their criticism of the Qatari election law last year,” in a case surrounded by great secrecy in the country.