Mummies: A Tangled Adventure (2023)

Stand in the 2022 animated comedy, also from the Iberian Peninsula Tad Stones and the Quest for the Emerald Tablet a clumsy, semi-professional archaeologist at the center of a turbulent, global plot, in Juan Jesús García Galocha’s directorial debut, three mummies embark on a journey with a few underdeveloped culture clash accents. The reason for her departure from her homeland, an ancient Egyptian city hidden underground: ex-charioteer Thut is chosen by a funny coincidence in a ritual as Princess Nefer’s future husband, but stupidly loses her engagement ring to the greedy grave robber Lord Carnaby. As he takes the jewel to London to enhance his exhibition, Nefer and Thut, reluctantly pulling together, and Thut’s little brother Sekhem and his baby crocodile chase after him.

Watching animation work in a press screening with children is extremely productive. So you can follow live how the films are received by the core audience, whether the jokes are right, the stories can keep interest alive. For Mummies – A twisted adventure it can be said: The slapstick humor works quite well in most cases, especially when the cute crocodile is involved. The little viewers are also picked up by the sleek pop songs and dance interludes interspersed in between, which, however, also seem a bit arbitrary and calculated. Before boredom sets in, let’s throw in a short musical passage – the creators seem to follow this credo willingly. A few action sequences, such as an eventful chase through the streets of London, should also provide entertainment and excitement.

If you take a closer look at the screenplay and the statements of the film, a good portion of disillusionment comes to mind. In the beginning, the director and his authors Javier López Barreira and Jordi Gasull take a critical look at the tradition in the secret mummy state and portray Princess Nefer as a self-confident young woman who doesn’t want to just get married. It is emphasized almost too clearly that she wants to go her own way, whereby the dream of becoming a singer comes more from the cliché box and serves as a justification for the musical insertions.

The development of the relationship between Nefer and Thut, who initially only form a community of convenience, is absolutely predictable. That Mummies – A twisted adventure Towards the end, conventions and role models that are not very elegantly worn tried, frustrated, especially with a view to the strikingly exhibited idea of ​​self-determination. The film also deals with Thut’s “trauma”, if you can call it that, in a rather loveless and therefore not very moving manner, which originated in a furious chariot race reminiscent of the classic Ben Hur. The moment he confesses to Nefer why he gave up his once-successful career feels like filler, doesn’t provide any enlightening insights.

What is also annoying: Some jokes are not only clumsy, but also discriminatory. For example, Lord Carnaby’s henchmen, two big, bangers, are laughed at in one scene because all they can think about is food, allowing the protagonists to escape. Hahaha, rarely laughed like that! The main villain does not get beyond the 08/15 category. In his case, however, adults should smile at the psycho allusions. On the other hand, the appearance of Nefer, who walks through the film with a doll’s face that looks like Botox surgery, could cause irritation. Aren’t we finally ready to show princesses with an exciting but not artificially perfect face?