Murder of Laura Ziliani, perhaps drugged and suffocated. And the hypothesis of other accomplices appears

Temù (Brescia), 27 September 2021 – Investigations continue for the murder of Laura Ziliani, la 55-year-old former Temù vigilante found dead on August 8, after his disappearance in May. Meantime, the daughters Silvia and Paola Zani, 27 and 19 years old, are waiting to meet the investigating magistrate Alessandra Sabatucci tomorrow morning for theguarantee questioning. Those who have seen them maintain that they are calm, impassive, silent. Few emotions. As well as Mirto Milani, graduated in psychology and sopranist from Lecco, who faces pre-trial detention in solitary confinement in the Canton Mombello prison. It is not yet known whether “the criminal trio” – as it was renamed in the investigation papers – will decide to answer the questions or if, on the contrary, they will make use of the right not to answer.

The Ziliani case, all the mistakes of the criminal trio

In spite of the young age and the incensurability, the three young people would have shown – according to the magistrates – “criminal efficiency” and not “common coldness” in suppressing Laura Ziliani, an obstacle to their will to dispose of its assets to many zeros. They have it first stunned with a Bromazepam compound, a hypnotic-anxiolytic, is the accusatory reconstruction, and then they killed her. How it is still unknown, but the hypothesis is that it was statto suffocated, perhaps with a pillow.

Laura Ziliani, stunned by faramci and suffocated in sleep

But if the causes of the 55-year-old’s death are not yet completely clear, there is also another element: there could be the involvement of some accomplice? Someone who may have helped out in the concealment of the corpse? Not by chance the body, found on the shore of Oglio on 8 August, exactly three months after the murder – I wear only tank top and underpants – he did not appear deteriorated enough to suggest a stay in the open, at the mercy of the elements. The prosecutor Caty Bressanelli and the carabinieri are awaiting the conclusions of the advice of the coroner Andrea Verzeletti, who found no signs of violence or illness, but isolated in the victim significant traces of the drug, taken “in quantities such as not to have had a direct role in death but capable of compromising defense capabilities”, reads the ordinance.

The disappearance, the discovery and the lies: the stages of the Ziliani case