Their first hits sounded in 1970, and since then Uriah Heep can not imagine the world of hard rock. Despite changing line-up and stint in the world of Heavy Metal, the typical, dominated by the keyboard sound is also recognizable on the new album.
The hardrock band Uriah Heep, who was founded in 1969, lacks a year to celebrate his 50th birthday, but there is no sign of age among them.
      They started in 1970 with "Very 'Eavy … Very' Umble", whose newcomer "Gypsy" is still an absolute hit today. Meanwhile, the British hard rock band Uriah Heep has produced their 25th album, whose title "Living the Dream" describes exactly what the band has been doing for decades.
      Lead guitarist and founding member Mick Box is a bit surprised by the fans' anticipation. "I've never thought about it, but after more than 40 million albums and concerts sold in 61 countries, it's great to still be talking about our new album."
      "Grazed By Heaven", "Living The Dream" or "Dreams Of Yesteryear" are just a few of the tracks on the new Heep album, created with the help of Canadian producer Jay Ruston. "We chose Jay because we admire his work with The Winery Dogs, Stone Sour, Black Star Riders, Paul Gilbert and Europe," says Box. Jay has brought a new approach to Heep. "Working with him was wonderful."
      The new work can certainly compete with the earlier Heep albums, even though Box would rather leave this assessment to the fans. "We stayed true to ourselves and still managed to sound fresh and up-to-date," he says. "I think this album can be very proud of ours."
      The 71-year-old does not regard aging as a particular problem. "I knew that I would be a musician all my life, but I never thought that I would play in the same band all those years," Box looks back. And the future? "I'm still as passionate about our music as we used to be," says the guitarist. "And that passion gives me the energy for more live shows and new albums."
      Especially the return of the hard rock scene to the music of the 70s and 80s gives the guys of Uriah Heep even more new energy. "This is an inspiration to all today's musicians, and that can only be a good thing."
      Uriah Heep has made a lasting impact on the music world, with albums such as "Look At Yourself" (1971), "Between Two Worlds" (2002) and "Wake The Sleeper" (2008). Some of the Heep songs have lasted for almost five decades, and that's likely to stay that way for decades to come. "We were lucky, some of our songs have survived the ravages of time, and hopefully that will be the case with the songs of Living the Dream," says Box. "But good songs will live forever, whether they're from Uriah Heep or not."


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