• The head of the SPD wants to ward off the initiative of some party members, to prefer the end of 2019 planned party congress and elections.
  • Her critics in the party urge Nahles to be more honest and open.

The SPD chairman Andrea Nahles goes on the offensive. In an interview with the South German newspaper She calls on her critics in the party for more honesty and openness. She leads the party with all her "strength, passion and confidence," Nahles said, "if anyone thinks they can do it faster or better, they should get in touch."

After the two bitter defeats of the SPD in the state elections in Bavaria and Hesse in the party, the dispute over the grand coalition again flared up. In the camp of the so-called Groko opponents is not only openly advertised for the rapid end of black and red. There are also increasing voices of those who demand a fresh start on the party leadership. Displeasure has long since reached the party leadership. In a two-day retreat, which begins on Sunday, Nahles wants to fend off the move to bring forward the late 2019 planned convention and elections and thus earlier than planned on Nahles' future and probably decide on the grand coalition.

The grand coalition is crushing the SPD

Merkel's announced withdrawal puts even more pressure on the Social Democrats. But they will not find out about this situation as long as they remain in an alliance with the Union.

Comment by Ferdos Forudastan

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The SPD leader said to the SZ: "I would like to know what it should bring, if you prefer a party convention or exchange the staff, I also want the motives and concerns of the people to be packed openly on the table. what I ask for. " A situation had arisen in which "in this clearness" one had to talk to one another.

Nahles wants to stick to the previous timetable. He plans a party conference in late 2019. "From the new beginning in the grand coalition to the substantive renewal of the SPD with the participation of party members – there is the time for the party conference in late 2019 already extremely sporty," said Nahles. She wanted the party to debate more and find clarity in contentious issues. "We need the time until next year, if we want to do it right, headfirsting everything now, is nonsense."

"The situation is very serious"

Many in the SPD are tired of always having to consider the Union in the coalition. Party leader Andrea Nahles has "no desire for compromise" and calls on potential rivals: who thinks that he can do better, should report.

Interview by Mike Szymanski




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