Narbonne: In custody, a man commits suicide by throwing himself out the window of the police station


Police car (illustration) – LODI FRANCK / SIPA
The IGPN, the General Inspectorate of the National Police, has been seized, reports The Independent, after the suicide of a 41-year-old man while in police custody at the police station’s premises. Narbonne in the Aude.

While an officer of the police Judiciary was finishing his hearing, the forty-year-old would have jumped out the window, from the third floor of this building.

Domestic violence

He has fallen in the courtyard of the police station, the newspaper continues. The firefighters were rushed to the spot, but they could only note the death of this man.

The man was in custody since Thursday for acts of domestic violence on his companion, and for harassment. It had to be referred to the prosecutor’s office.


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