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NASA Alien COVER-UP? How scientists have exposed "20 second delay" on ISS feeds | Weird | news

NASA has come under fire over the years by conspiracy theorists who claim that space agencies deliberately delay the livestream if they inadvertently open a UFO to the public. The agency, which is independent of the US government, has repeatedly denied these rumors, claiming they have nothing to hide. However, a Russian scientist may have revealed the truth during a mission of the ISS, a documentary film.

The "Secret Space" series by Amazon Prime has described in detail how Russia's Progress 18 triggered a conspiratorial frenzy 12 years ago.

The 2017 documentary claimed: "The maneuvers of Russian cargo freighter Progress 18 in June 2005 before docking left no doubt that there was a delay.

"In the Fact, it has been shown that this delay is not less than 20 seconds.

As Progress approached the docking station, a Moscow Control Control ground controller mildly complained that the live video feed they received included this delay.

"He said it, though OK, "

The documentary then revealed the 2005 mission audio recording.

The Russian scientist says: "Range 63, right? 62 actually.

"Well, we're about 20 seconds late here.

"Yes, it is a slight delay, but it is OK, "

The narrator from the documentary claimed that this grip had been introduced to prevent UFOs from being exposed to the public.

He said, "NASA has introduced this delay into their live broadcasts from space.

"They are doing this to cover up space anomalies so they do not leak to the public.

"Nevertheless, some things slip through."

The ISS is an artificial satellite that was first in low earth orbit in 1998.

It has been inhabited since then and will provide a home for astronauts until 2030.

The ISS serves as a research laboratory for microgravity and space environment in which crew members conduct experiments in biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology and other fields.

The project is currently a joint venture between the US, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada.


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