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Népszava: German companies have also been bailed out by the anti-gay pedophile law

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Not only society and human rights defenders are protesting, the bill passed by the government majority and Jobbik has also caused outrage among German companies operating in Hungary, and the leadership of several German multi is considering steps in response, Népszava was informed. According to a German source, “Viktor Orbán needs to know how much such a law is undermining security in Germany today, not only among politicians, but also among economic leaders.” Népszava adds that the adoption of the law may worsen the image of Hungary among potential German investors, of course it is also a fact that despite the negative tendencies of recent years in terms of the rule of law, the willingness of German companies to invest has not decreased.

On Tuesday, the German Minister for State for European Affairs, Michael Roth He wrote in his Twitter post that the Hungarian legislature severely discriminates against LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) people. According to Roth, the relevant decision by Parliament is “another serious state discrimination against LGBTIQ people”.

This law is contrary to everything we consider to be our common European values

– said the Minister of State in the Federal Government led by Angela Merkel.

On Tuesday, with 157 votes in favor, 1 against and 0 abstentions, parliament voted in favor of the pedophile law. The Parliament did not maintain the amendments tabled by the opposition without exception. The proposal was also voted on by Jobbik: a total of 41 did not vote, as part of the opposition boycotted decisions.

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As we reported earlier, the law blurs pedophilia with homosexuality. The anti-gay propaganda law, introduced by the government on the Russian model, also severely restricts freedom of speech and children’s rights, as well as banning LGBTQI-themed educational programs and social advertising in schools.

The proposal also prohibits the promotion and display of homosexuality and gender reassignment to persons under the age of 18, thus prohibiting the making available to persons under the age of 18 of pornographic content and content (including advertising) that depicts sexuality for its own purposes or gender identity. or ‘promotes, displays’ homosexuality. And in schools, sexual education could only be provided by an organization registered by a government agency.


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