New child-friendly kitchens for the Löwenherz daycare center

from left Markus Kampling (executive board member of the Catholic Nursing Aid), children of the Löwenherz day care center, Tanja Sager (Head of Education & Care Caritas-SkF-Essen) (Photo: Caritas-SkF-Essen)

Essen. Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not in our Löwenherz day care center in Rüttenscheid. The employees and children are looking forward to new child-friendly kitchens in the two group rooms. While cooking together, children can now playfully discover new and familiar foods. When preparing food together, there are tasks for all ages that correspond to and stimulate the children’s motor skills.

“Healthy eating is part of our concept in our day-care centers. The common chopping, stirring and cooking of healthy and varied meals is a great opportunity to lay the foundation for nutritional education. Eating habits learned at kindergarten age shape the rest of life, ”says Tanja Sager, Head of Education & Supervision at Caritas-SkF-Essen.

In addition to the children’s kitchens in the group rooms, the main kitchen was also redesigned. This was made possible by the financial support of the Catholic Nursing Aid, which took over the costs for the entire electrical installation in the amount of around 25,000 euros. “We are pleased that we can make a valuable contribution to introducing children to the topic of healthy eating at an early stage, as part of our cooperation and with our participation in this kitchen project,” explains Markus Kampling, executive board member of the Catholic Nursing Aid. The Catholic Nursing Aid is the landlord of the building. The St. Martin Senior Citizens’ Center is located in the immediate vicinity, which provides a great opportunity for exchange between senior citizens and daycare children.

The Löwenherz day care center offers space for two groups with a total of 43 children from the age of two to school entry.