New general manager of CMPC minimum scale three hills a week

New general manager of CMPC minimum scale three hills a week

Three or four hills per week scale Francisco Ruiz-Tagle Edwards, who as of August will be the top executive of Empresas CMPC, the symbolic Papelera. The commercial engineer of the U. de Chile and with an MBA at UCLA (California, United States), lived in his childhood in El Monte, near Talagante, where his father owned the agricultural company Errete, dedicated to the cultivation, packaging and sale of onions. Since those years he likes to climb hills and ride horses. And for that reason, after his day in the management of Cellulose of the company of the Mattes, he changes clothes, puts on his shoes and heads to some capital hill. This former student of the Divine Word lived in El Monte all his basic education and took two hours to get to school. When he entered middle school he changed to a few blocks away from his school, in Presidente Errázuriz, Las Condes. In the U. of Chile, his favorite teacher was Francisco Rosende, his friends say. And after leaving, his first job was at Pesquera San José, the “salmon-type jack mackerel”. He was recruited at CMPC when this company was building, together with Simpson Paper, the Celulosa del Pacífico plant. There he worked in the area of ​​finance and almost 27 years left to UCLA, with studies funded by CMPC. Since those years he is a friend of the current CEO of BHP Americas, Daniel Malchuck. There he did his practice in Bankers Trust -then acquired by Deutsche Bank- and returned to Chile to work in the paper. And there he began to climb not only hills, but also in the company. Between 1998 and 2001 he was in the finance management of CMPC; From 2002 to 2006 he was in charge of the Papelera del Plata, in Argentina, where he played from the “corralito” until the resignation of President De la Rua and the arrival of Néstor Kirchner. Back in the country, he was general manager of Forestal Mininco and then of CMPC Celulosa. Why did they choose it? Weighed that drives the unit that brings more income to the group, with 45% of the total. He also promoted the FSC certification in his area, which includes not only managing the forests, but also the relationship with the communities. “Managed more than 100 communes in seven regions, which implies managing the relationship with 150,000 residents,” says a professional close. Another achievement was the successful implementation of the McKinsey consulting program Best, which involved producing more and better with lower costs. Now it is applied to the Guaíba complex in Brazil. What will be the former general manager Hernán Rodríguez? He will continue to be linked to the Matte group, but very far from the forestry business, “for mental health”, they point out. “The management of the crisis of the collusion issue (of comfort paper) ended up wearing it down,” says one executive. “Hernán was 8 years as general manager, 31 years in the company, he wants to rest, but he will continue to help us in other companies, not in CMPC,” says a member of the Matte family.

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