New Honda BeAT Premium For Sale 12 Million Officially Released, Modern Retro Design! Check the Facts Here

OKEJAMBI.COM – The Japanese manufacturer Honda has just released the Honda BeAT Premium scooter at a lower price.

Let’s check the real facts, is this news true?

The Honda manufacturer is incessantly releasing its newest scooter products.

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In 2022, Honda manufacturers have released the New Honda Scoopy and New Honda Vario.

Recently, news circulated that the Honda manufacturer released a premium Honda BeAT scooter at a price of only IDR 12 million.

Intrigued, what are the specifications for the premium Honda Beat?, Here’s the review for you.

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Quoted by okejambi from the YRP Official Youtube channel, a new motorbike from the Honda manufacturer has launched, you could say this scooter motorbike is the newest type of Honda BeAT.

As we know, the Honda BeAT is a motorbike for millions of people at a very low price, starting from 16 million.