New LADA 4×4 Range Rover introduced

Such an SUV would make drivers forget about the serial LADA 4×4 Vision.

It is only a pity that, like most bold rendering projects, this car will not be able to get beyond the computer of an independent designer, who showed the public his vision of what the new Niva could have become if the best European masters had a hand in its creation .

What is not very characteristic of such projects, the master decided to completely abandon the modern design trends of AvtoVAZ, because the LADA 4×4 turned out to be as original as possible – unlike those cars that had time to enter the territory of Russia. Motorists, however, quickly noticed a resemblance to the famous foreign car, however, they did not criticize the designer because of this – after all, Niva is better than with the branded “face” from Steve Mattin.

LADA 4×4 acquired round optics with neat points, which gave Niva a resemblance to Range Rover. In addition, the hood of the car received a neat stamping, and a decorative neckline stretched along the body, in some places of which LED illumination was mounted. The contours of the body stand out in the lateral silhouette – the sloping roof and black pillars in the tone of glass give the car the appearance of a coupe-like crossover.

The only thing that allows us to recognize the classic Niva in this render is a nameplate with a rook, but this is for the better. Russian motorists are too accustomed to the fact that LADA 4×4 does not change for years, because such a modification would certainly cause a sensation among the general public. Complete the look of the new “Niva” taillights in the style of “Range” and designer wheels in the shape of a star.

Most of all, the fact that AvtoVAZ didn’t have a single drop of DNA in this model was really pleasing, because an SUV would easily have won leading positions in the lists of the best-selling SUVs in Russia, however, the Togliatti Automobile Plant would hardly have decided to produce the second-generation LADA 4×4 “ bypassing “the expected exit of the Niva with the Vision prefix.


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