New municipal elections in September – Medialot

An inevitable return to the polls following the death of the mayor and the resignation of a councillor.

New municipal elections will be organized in Espère on September 18 and 25. The recently published prefectural decree specifies that in municipalities with 1,000 inhabitants or more (Hope has 1,041), “full by-elections must be organized when there is a need for the election of the mayor or deputies, that the council council is incomplete and the next one on the list cannot be called upon”. However, this is unfortunately the case in the village whose mayor Mathieu Redoules died on April 12, a member of the council having resigned some time later, on April 25. As in the 2020 ballot, voters will have to elect 15 municipal councilors and two community councilors from Grand Cahors. The declarations of candidacy will have to be made at the prefecture on August 31 and September 1 for the first round and on September 20 in the event of a second round. There had only been one round in 2020 since only one list was then in the running. Until then, the functions of first magistrate are ensured by the first deputy, Pierre Canto.

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