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Xavier Casajoana, CEO of VozTelecom

VozTelecom has just announced a new program to encourage partners who promote the migration of their clients’ solutions to the cloud and thus promote its digital transformation. Through this new program they will be able to be prepared to expand its market, generate new sales opportunities and improve the acquisition of new customers.

“The platform is accessible and free for all partners as long as they maintain their relationship with us. There are no levels, all partners receive the same training, support and resources, regardless of their size and achievement of objectives. The module provides access to a web portal that includes different functionalities and digital marketing tools. With the new program, our partners will be the best prepared to help companies in their migration process to the cloud, essential to be able to work in 100% digital environments that allow remote work and ensure business continuity under any circumstance ” , explains Xavier Casajoana, CEO of VozTelecom.

Partners who want to participate in the new program will have the tools and resources to generate sales opportunities through a personalized marketing program. In addition, they will also be able to offer their clients a personalized service and have an incentive plan with high commissions.

Differential tool for the partner

In addition to the Centrex virtual switchboard, VozTelecom partners will be able to offer value-added services required to integrate communication and collaboration services with other applications and business processes, such as the company’s CRM, Microsoft Teams or Call Center and Contact Center solutions.

The program also has a sales and marketing module specifically designed to help partners generate new opportunities. Specifically, this module offers a personalized space for tracking opportunities and customizable marketing material in order to generate leads and interact with existing contacts.

“The tool has a module for monitoring and qualifying the partner’s sales opportunities, with access to the evolution and measurement of the pipeline. Thanks to the co-marketing automation platform, the portal allows the partner to send mailings, track actions and find out which contacts have accessed or read their campaigns in order to carry out future commercial actions ”, says Xavier Casajoana.



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